222: Prequel to an Interview with Dr. Simopoulos

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I was lucky to be able to talk to Dr. Artemis Simopoulos about her life's work on essential fatty acids and genetics. She has been the foundation for much of what we know about the importance of omega 3, and the omega 6: 3 ratio and why that is so important.
She her works, of over 365 scientific papers, and having edited over 50 books in her field is evidence of her overwhelming work she has done over the last 50 years. From arguing with Senator George McGovern in the 1970s over what was to become the Nutritional Guidelines for nearly all western countries, to ushering in the era of precision personal medicine through genomic analysis.
This podcast is about the importance of her work, and how the World Health Organization and UNESCO is working with her today on making sure her work will be a 'corner stone' for their future nutritional and dietary recommendations.

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