223: Interview with Dr. Simopoulos Part 1

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In many ways, Dr. Artemis Simopoulos is a legendary figure in Science, Medicine and most certainly Nutrition.
She has had to stand up to politicians, like Senator George McGovern and the formation the national nutritional guidelines of the early 1970s.
Knew and argued with Ancel Keys (the man behind the fraudulent 7 Country Study) who managed to get medicine to focus on cholesterol levels in people the primary determinant of their health.
Something that the pharmaceutical companies build a fortune on subsequently.
If you have ever wondered how we know about omega 3s (fish oil, DHA, EPA) and Omega 6 oils (from plants) and why this is the far more important lab to based your health on ... it is all due to the decades of work, research, and endless publications of Dr. Simopoulos.
Such a wonderful and voice is what matters in of nutrition and genes.

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