Introversion 67.0: Lover vs Fighter

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It is a bold new day (well for Introversion at least), as we enter into Autumn 2022. I have been cranking on a fresh new visual format for the podcast... and today it's on full display. From here on out you'll be able to WATCH these episodes on both YouTube ( ) AND on Spotify. Or if you prefer just *listening* on another podcast platform, well... go right ahead. But I do highly recommend the visual experience (on YouTube and Spotify), as I am putting a lot of love into crafting these video episodes.

*Also, when you next visit, you may notice an update to the site's design & features as well. I've streamlined the experience (and especially the refreshed homepage), so it's quicker & easier to access all the many daily entries. In addition to podcast episodes, I will be posting all kinds of content (mostly video) on a near daily basis, so be sure to bookmark the site and check back often.

As for TODAY'S podcast episode... I was at the gym a couple days ago and felt moved by the lyrics of "Silenced" by Marshmello & Khalid, specifically "I'd rather be a lover than a fighter, cuz all my life I've been fighting. Never felt a feeling of comfort, and all this time I've been hiding... and I never had someone to call my own, oh nah I'm so used to sharing. Love only left me alone, but I'm at one with the silence." Brace yourself for some red-pill MGTOW thoughts here, although really... there's nothing misogynist about it at all (in my opinion). As a man, just sharing my thoughts & experiences... are we allowed to do that?

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