The Tulsa Race Massacre and How It Affected Black Wealth: An Interview with Kevin Matthews II

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To close out Black History Month, I interviewed my friend Kevin Matthews about the Tulsa Race Massacre also known as the Black Wall Street Massacre. In this episode, learn the mental health and wealth implications of this massacre - the generational trauma and racial wealth gap - and how to help close that gap. Plus, find out how Kevin is building intergenerational wealth for his family and learn what happened with GameStop a few weeks ago.

"I have to wonder how much different my community would look like today. Like that’s not too far removed, my great-grandparents may have benefitted from that. Again they called it a riot instead of a massacre at the time to deny insurance claims." - Kevin Matthews


3:20 - What happened during the Tulsa Race Massacre 5:30 - Why a lot of people are not aware of this incident 07:50 - The long-term consequences and trauma of the massacre to the people in Tulsa 12:10 - What is the racial wealth gap and actionable steps we can take to help close it 18:29 - How Kevin is building intergenerational wealth for his family 23:17 - What really happened with GameStop’s stock price and why it’s a risky investment 27:03 - Investing tips so you can build wealth responsibly 31:56 - How you can invest and protect/manage your mental health at the same time 35:21 - What is rebalancing and why it’s important in your investing strategy 37:05 - The technical aspects of rebalancing

Resources Can Trauma Be Passed Down From One Generation to the Next? Public - Invest in Stocks (referral link) Nicole Antoinette Jason Zweig

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