Guest: Promise Boseman, Owner of Asheville Beauty Bar

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Hi my name is Promise Boseman. I’m the founder and owner of Asheville Beauty Bar. I started this business journey about six years ago, but we have successfully been in business going on five years now. However, I personally have been doing hair and makeup for what seems like a lifetime. For those of you who don’t know, Asheville Beauty Bar is a luxury hair and makeup company that specializes in weddings, elopements, special events, prom, engagements and photoshoots.
What makes my company so special is that we are able to provide our services onsite for our clients. Which really comes in handy for people getting married because a lot of the wedding venues are spread all over Western NC. So, it really puts our clients at ease, knowing that we are able to travel to them on such a special day.
I also have my own studio that is located at 60 livingston st ste 300 for clients who wish to come to us. Right now my team consists of three makeup artists and three hair stylists. Everyone has been in this line of work for over 6 years and everyone loves what they do. Doing hair and makeup isn’t just a job to us, it's what keeps us going. It’s like art, it allows us to express our creativity.

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