Bonus Episode: Getting Intentional about our Gut Health with Tina Anderson

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Today's episode is a bonus episode where we are approaching a topic a little off the norm for minimal-ish, but one I think is important! It's also different because I got to interview the owner of a company that I have benefited from, and that I'm also partnering with. I'm grateful to get to hear more of the heart behind a company that has helped me, along with being able to partner with them to sponsor this episode. Please note: Anytime we approach a topic that dives into health, it is NOT medical advice.

We talk about:

- the heart and story behind Just Thrive probiotics

-gut health and why it is integral to our overall health

-starting points and ways that we can improve our gut health

Again, I'm so grateful I got to partner with a company that has helped in my own health journey, along with being able to interview the founder for a unique bonus episode of the show!

You can use code "minimalish" at to get 15% off your order of Just Calm and Just Thrive probiotics.

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