The Power of the Damascus Prayer Experience to Save and Heal

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In this "How-To" episode, Dr. Patty shares a prayer process the Lord gave her inspired by Saul's incredible turnaround experience with Jesus on the road to Damascus. This powerful direct Jesus encountering process can be used to transform the most unlikely characters into mighty fruit-bearing leaders for Christ. Beginning with the original Damascus experience, learn the critical components of the prayer process. What are some other life-changing encounters with Jesus in the Bible? Dr. Patty shares the story of how the Lord gave her this prayer process and shares other stories of powerful Damascus experiences of others. What can happen after a Damascus experience? What's the connection between this encounter and your calling? What is the process for praying for the Damascus experience? Jesus shares why He wants people to pray this prayer for the prodigal in their lives and even for yourself if desired. He walks you through the prayer process personally in your Experience Jesus encounter.

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