Increasing your Intimacy with Jesus: Back to the Basics Part 1

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In this "how-to" and "identity" episode, we will look at some basic questions and answers about how to increase your intimacy and, make the most out of your encounters with Jesus. Jesus shares why He wanted me to create the Experience Jesus podcast. Dr. Patty addresses the Biblical truths that we have the ability and authority to connect with God personally and she explains the difference between what we do and what new agers do when they encounter the spirit realm. Why do we use the tool of dialogue journaling and why do you always begin your encounters in your special place? Why does encountering Jesus as your inner child help with your trust and faith in God? Dr. Patty recommends several other Experience Jesus podcasts that will help you go deeper into each of these questions and you meet Jesus in your special place and see what He has added for you there as a gift.

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