How to Invite God’s Manifest Presence

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In this "how-to" and "identity" episode we will look at the difference between God's Omnipresence and His manifest presence. How does God show Himself to be real, bringing heaven down to earth? How has God manifested in the Bible without being invited? Jesus answers the questions, how can you invite God's manifest presence, and what happens when you do? What factors do praise and thanksgiving have related to the level of God's presence you encounter? What impact does friendship with Jesus have on the level of His manifest presence? Why do we call the act of remembering Jesus with bread and wine communion? What can happen when you celebrate the sacrament of communion with Jesus instead of for Him? How does God manifest Himself through the body of Christ? Jesus shows you how to increase your level of His manifest presence and what He can do through you if you do in your Experience Jesus encounter.

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