Episode 60: Your Office Manager Is Probably Hungover with Morgan Miller

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This week, we're turning 60!!! 60 and Fabulous. And we have an amazing guest on, the hilarious Morgan Miller (Famously Dumped Podcast)! Morgan and Anna are old friends so they reminisce about their wild partying days from way back, and it's an awesome reunion. They also get into Morgan's jobs, starting with collecting pine cones. Anna and Morgan get into their time as Office Managers who were hungover a lot at work (because of comedy at night). Morgan also toured colleges, waited tables in Union Square, did some nannying, and coached a lot of improv before she up and left for LA! Then there was a pandemic and she started an awesome podcast. Also, Anna and Ellen discuss an article about unpaid internships and how many millennials went through this and weren't told it was wrong to work for free when it's totally wrong!!! Knowing your worth is so important, even from the beginning. It's an ongoing conversation, so please let us know your stories of shitty internships! This is a really special episode and we THANK YOU for being a part of this journey with all of us for 60 episodes!!! Follow @MorganMiller17, @UnemployedPDCST, and watch this video on Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast. RATE, REVIEW, & HIRE US!!!

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