Episode 61: Finance Seemed Cool, but Stand Up Comedy Seemed Cooler with Matthew Broussard

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This week's guest is a very funny comedian and friend, Matthew Broussard (Comedy Central, Conan, Fallon, She Does Standup Too Podcast)! Anna and Matthew reminisce about the Jewish comedic gigs they've gotten throughout the pandemic, some of them that they worked on together! They are the only Jews in comedy in NYC right now, so book them. Before becoming a successful comic, Matthew was a camp counselor in Texas, worked as an analyst in finance, and even worked remotely (before it was a thing in a pandemic). But it's the story about having his car broken into and losing his job the same day he was in the middle of a comedy competition that we love. Matthew's perseverance is inspiring, and he is the definition of working toward what you want to do! You're gonna love this Ep. Anna and Ellen also discuss Anna's ballsy move of sending a message through LinkedIn for a company she wants to work for. A DM on LinkedIn in 2021?! Unheard of! Though they probably will never read it, it felt powerful to try. Make sure to follow Matthew on all socials @MondayPunday and listen to his podcast She Does Stand Up Too? Follow us @UnemployedPDCST / @UnemployedwithAnna and make sure to check out our patreon for full videos of the episodes!

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