Episode 59: "You Gotta Quit Before They Fire You!" with Monroe Martin

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We're back with a hot new episode with our friend and very funny comedian Monroe Martin (Comedy Central, Fallon)! Monroe and Anna reminisce about their days of going into the Buzzfeed office to shoot the show, "Did You See This" that they both still work on remotely! We talk about needing more space in an apartment when quarantined with a partner, which is essential now. Monroe talks about all of his early jobs in Philly like working at Planned Parenthood and making up what he thought sex was, The Zoo where he entertained the people, a year-round Halloween store, Mcdonalds where his coworkers taught him to take the food. Monroe's stories are awesome, and it's cool to learn about how he was inspired to become a comedian. Ellen and Anna talk about getting covid tests for jobs even if you're vaxxed. Also, they discuss that they've been vaxxed which is a brag on a pod these days! Follow @MonroeMartinIII on social, @UnemployedPDCST, check out our Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast, and go RATE, REVIEW, & HIRE US!!

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