Episode 52: From 'Leisure Suit Larry' to 'Sex And The City' with The Bradshaw Boys (Cory Cavin, Jon Sieber, Kevin James Doyle)

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Meanwhile, on the other side of town, The Bradshaw Boys joined the Unemployed Podcast for Episode 52! We're so blessed to have Cory Cavin, Kevin James Doyle, and Jon Sieber, the hilarious hosts of the podcast The Bradshaw Boys on this week's episode! We talk all about their jobs they had before deciding to watch all of Sex And The City for the first time as grown adult men. We also discuss the jobs of the characters on SATC, because how was Carrie able to afford that apartment by writing a column and a book? And who made the most money on the show? After learning about Kevin's tour guiding days, we all come up with the next biggest NYC tour that you'll have to sign up for when it's safe. Jon famously coins the next best holiday that could rival Christmas, in the workplace. Cory brings back the popular game, "Leisure Suit Larry" that he discovered on a job when he was a kid while taking care of his neighbor's dog. The stories in this episode are SO much fun. So leave a fun review! And go listen to The Bradshaw Boys (Anna's on an episode!) because their podcast is the best. Also on this episode, Anna and Ellen discuss Anna's ass injury because she got out of an Uber wrong, or she hurt it on the Peloton... either way, it's not working properly. Follow @TheBradshawBoys on social media, @UnemployedPDCST / @UnemployedwithAnna (IG), and if you wanna watch this video? Go to Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast.

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