Episode 51: No Job? Give Yourself A Fellowship with Kelly Bachman

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And now onto our next 50 episodes! This week we have the very funny comedian and writer, Kelly Bachman on the show! Kelly is also one of the last comedians Anna saw at a show before the pandemic, so this is a sweet reunion of sorts! Although she's currently unemployed, she's got a very inspiring and admirable schedule to be productive: She "imagines she has a fellowship that will be ending at the end of the month." And convinces herself of this each month! She tricks herself! It's brilliant. And that's how she's managing to write a book, which we can't wait to read. She once worked at a Subway as a sandwich artist, she's been an assistant and other jobs at a film production company. We also talk about how companies try to fire you nicely. And of course we discuss the time when she performed onstage in front of Harvey Weinstein and called him out! Ellen and Anna break down the "5 to 9" Squarespace Superbowl commercial and how they feel about it, since it kind of sums up a lot of people's lives.Epic episode, go follow Kelly (@BellyKachman) for more laughs, and go listen to all 50 other episodes! For the full video, check out our PATREON! Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast.

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