Episode 53: Always Be Silly, Even At Work with Jessica Kirson

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This week we have the one & only hilarious Jessica Kirson (Disgusting Hawk Podcast, Relatively Sane Podcast) on the podcast! Jessica is a professional comedian now, but before? She worked in retail, she bartended, and she almost became a therapist. She had all the odd jobs in her 20s and we're so lucky to have learned about them on this episode. But leave it to her grandmother to tell her she needed to become a comedian. (And you listen to your grandmother!) And because she's a Jew you know Anna and Jessica had to catch up about their camp days, because that's step 1 in Jewish geography. We talk about her family full of showbiz pros and how she came up with all the silly characters she plays in her act. It's a super fun episode and it feels like we've known each other for years! Ellen and Anna celebrate the one year anniversary of the day they were laid off from their job on Valentine's Day and share their memories of what happened to them that day. It's bittersweet! Don't forget to follow Jessica Kirson (@JessicaKirson) on social, and if you wanna see the video? Patreon.com/unemployedpodcast.com - PLEASE RATE, REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE! Thanks

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