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How much of the conventional self-help and self development content can we apply as Muslims?
Which ideas are problematic and are opposed to our creedal beliefs and faith? Sh Ismail provides a helpful framework on how to filter the correct information from Ideas such as "manifesting", "being in control of your own destiny" and others which may conflict with our understanding of qadr.
We also discuss how Islam is flourishing in South Africa and the reasons why. What can Muslim Communities in other countries learn from them. How much of being productive is inherent in someone's natural ability, and how much can be improved? Productivity, time-management, gratitude, vision planning, managing finances, online business, home schooling and more.
Ismail Kamdar graduated from the ʿĀlimiyyah program in 2006 and completed a BA in Islamic Studies at International Open University in 2014. Specializes in the fields of Fiqh, Tafsir, and History. The author of over a dozen books in the fields of Islamic Studies and Personal Development. He is the founder of Islamic Self Help, and the research manager at Yaqeen Institute.


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