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Paul Williams of Blogging Theology - Becoming Muslim, Podcasting, Books, Addressing Criticism & More

I had the great pleasure of being joined by Br Paul Williams who you will be familiar with from the Blogging Theology YouTube Channel.

I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and I hope you all do too. We spoke on a number of wide-ranging topics. Chapter headings are listed below for your convenience.

Br Paul is doing some great work so please subscribe to his channel if you have not already.

Blogging Theology YouTube:


Website & blog:

00:00 Preview & Intro 02:10 Br Paul's Background and Religious Journey
13:00 What do Christians mean by "encounters with the Lord"
16:50 How Br Paul embraced Islam
20:02 Br Paul's thoughts on Dawah
26:30 The "No Design 🙄" Posts
29:48 Navigating sects in Islam following conversion
37:20 How Blogging Theology started?
45:40 Response to criticism of Dr Michael Millerman/Dugin Podcast
49:50 Dealing with Criticism & Differing viewpoints
1:00:50 How is Blogging Theology managed behind the scenes?
1:05:15 Guests Br Paul would like to interview? Jordan Peterson?
1:09:50 The Viral Clip on King Charles
1:12:00 Paul's thoughts on reading and his current books
1:22:55 Day in the life and previous career experience
1:26:30 Paul's views on the future of Islam in the UK

Most Importantly duʿāʾ requested if you found this to be of benefit.💚

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