The Cult of Learning 14: The Three Essentials of Language Learning - Part II

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CULT/K^LT/A fashionable belief, idea, or attitude that influences people’s lives/The cult of learning encourages people to find and pursue what they are passionate about/

*”The Cult of Learning” are episodes for learners of languages. These episodes will discuss tools and strategies for learning and provide opportunities for effective listening practice. These episodes are also part of our Self-directed Learning Portal, which helps thousands of people around the world improve the English skills important to them.

In part two of our three-part series on the "Essentials of Language Learning," Leo and Mike briefly recap the first of the three essentials - Exposure - and introduce you to the second one of the tripartite - Motivation. We will talk about what motivation is, how it works, different types of motivation and how you can use it to learn English.

Specifically, they wonder:

  • what is motivation?
  • common misconceptions about motivation
  • different types of motivation
  • how to get motivated and take action

If you are a learning a language, these episodes are for you!

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