Corrective Feedback 6: Exploring the Discourse with Dr. Neomy Storch

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We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, to produce an 8-part mini series on the topic of Corrective Feedback. The series explores the area of corrective feedback through interviews with 8 scholars in the field. All interviews are conducted by students in Dr. Eva Kartchava's MA class at Carleton University as a means of assessment to connect researchers to their audience and have her students generate a greater level of understanding and investment in the research from the course. If you are interested in having a similar series produced for your class or institute, you can contact us:

This is episode 6 of our corrective feedback series, featuring Dr. Neomy Storch. Dr. Storch is an Associate Professor of applied linguistics at the University of Melbourne. She teaches a range of ESL and Applied Linguistics subjects and convenes the ESL program. She is world renowned for her work on second language acquisition, collaborative writing, and academic writing. She has over 100 scholarly works published on these topics, including her 2013 book "Collaborative Writing in L2 Classrooms" and a 2016 co-authored book called "Written Corrective Feedback for L2 Development."

In this episode, Dr. Storch shares:

  • the drawbacks of looking at corrective feedback research in a vacuum
  • examples of explicit and implicit feedback
  • the differences between collaborative and cooperative writing
  • the differences between feedback and uptake
  • her optimism about the future of collaborative writing

*This interview was conducted by Zahra Azizi and Shrouk Abdelgafar

Partnership with Carleton University:

Throughout the series, MA students from Dr. Kartchava's class will interview leading experts in the field of corrective feedback. We thank Dr. Kartchava for joining this episode and for spearheading this initiative.

For more information on this episode, this project, and those involved:

More from Dr. Neomy Storch:

Her page at the University of Melbourne

As always, thank you for listening. Your support has been overwhelming and we couldn't do what we do without you. We hope this podcast serves as an effective CPD tool for you.

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