The Future of 3D MRI Renderings

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David E. Wattel is the CEO of Multus Medical. Multus Medical uses the cross-sectional images from MRI data to create 3D digital models of the body. This results in easily digestible animated illustrations of patients’ injuries for demonstration purposes.

David is a lawyer by trade, and he is licensed in Arizona, Washington, and Oregon. He has practiced personal injury law for over 30 years and is a Founding Member of Wattel & York, a personal injury and property damage law firm. In addition to this, he is the Founder of National Health Finance and the CEO of Stratum.

In this episode…

Are you a doctor struggling to present a clear image of your patient’s injury? Or, are you a personal injury lawyer who needs an easy-to-read evaluation of your client for their court case?

Multus Medical offers a solution. They use the cross-sectional images from MRI data to create 3D digital models of the body. These 3D renderings have revolutionized doctors’ evaluations and aided lawyers across the country.

In this episode of The Dynamic Radiologist Podcast, Dr. Steven Brownstein is joined by David E. Wattel, the CEO of Multus Medical, to discuss the benefits of 3D MRI renderings. David reveals how his background as a lawyer inspired the creation of Multus Medical, the benefits of his company’s services for both doctors and lawyers, and how you can order a 3D rendering or surgical animation today. Stay tuned.

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