A True Hero

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Tanya Myers is the Chief MRI Tech at Dynamic Medical Imaging. Dynamic Medical Imaging specializes in helping claustrophobic patients by offering the Fonar Stand Up MRI. Their team has helped thousands of patients get the medical help they need by providing a calm and comfortable environment.

Tanya Myers served in the Air Force for three years as a Certified Radiology Technician. After her service, Tanya began working with the Tragedy Assistant Program for Survivors as a mentor for children who lost parents in the military. Tanya joined the team at Dynamic Medical Imaging three years ago, and she excels in helping patients feel at ease during their MRI.

In this episode…

How do you define a true hero? Is it someone with superpowers? Is it someone who saves the day?

Tanya Myers’ superpower is putting people at ease in their most tense situations. Getting an MRI can be stressful — but more especially so if you’re claustrophobic. Tanya greets each patient with a smile and does whatever it takes to help them feel comfortable. Sometimes that means doing breathing exercises with the patients, holding a hand while they cry, or just sending out good energy.

In this episode of The Dynamic Radiologist Podcast, Dr. Steven Brownstein is joined by Tanya Myers, the Chief MRI Tech at Dynamic Medical Imaging, to discuss how to be a hero to your patients. Tanya talks about her introduction to X-ray and MRI technology, her background helping kids who lost parents in the military, and her golden rules for dealing with patients.

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