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Brett Lavender is a highly coveted speaker, motivator, presenter, and trainer who has been speaking about the art of communication for over 25 years. He recently expanded his unique performance and communications coaching to the corporate and private sectors.

Brett’s distinctive approach focuses heavily on what he calls “The Lost Languages.” With this approach, he highlights the impact of human instinct and provides tools to improve the non-verbal communication skills that are often lost in translation between people from different backgrounds. Through his practice, Brett helps clients enhance their lives, enrich their relationships, and achieve personal and professional empowerment.

In this episode…

Do you ever feel like your message isn’t getting across to whoever you’re talking to? According to communication expert Brett Lavender, most people only retain 9% of what you say. So how do you get people to start understanding your message?

Unfortunately, Brett says that many of the skills that would help in this situation have been lost in the world of technology. With so much texting and social media, people have forgotten about eye contact, body language, facial expression, tone of voice, and more. Luckily, it is possible to regain those skills now regarded as “lost languages” ​​— and Brett is here to share how.

In this episode of The Dynamic Radiologist Podcast, Dr. Steven Brownstein is joined by communication expert Brett Lavender to discuss the keys to unlocking better communication. Together, they talk about the importance of good listening, the three main components of “The Lost Languages,” and how to recognize your communication blind spots. Stay tuned.

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