MI Rewind: Young Investors Getting Started w/ Kelly Lannan

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  • 23:46 - Why Kelly thinks there has been a huge increase in the number of retail investors, and if technology or other factors have played a role in it.
  • 29:13 - How the last year and a half of the pandemic has made an impact on the way young adults think about their money and what Kelly thinks still hasn’t changed.
  • 31:07 - What unique challenges young adults face today that previous generations may not have encountered.
  • 33:25 - The key differences between how Gen Z and Millennials approach their money and investing.
  • 35:09 - How to teach people, especially young adults, to evaluate job offers and what they should look at besides salary.
  • 38:51 - If Kelly thinks you should start investing or paying off debt first and if your strategy is dependent on the type of debt you have.
  • And much, much more!

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