How to Stand on the Promises of God

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In this "How-To" episode we will address how to stand on the promises of God. How can you find and know what God's promises are in the Bible and specifically for you in your life? How can you discern God's voice and messages from the enemy's or your own so you are more aware of being led astray? How do you find the conditions of God's promises for you, so you know exactly what your part is to play in manifesting them? And, How do you cooperate with God to do your part of God's will for you? Dr. Patty shares some practical tips that will help you pass the tests during your waiting season so you can keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and not on worldly limitations. Jesus shares an honest and convicting message about what this issue looks like from His perspective, and tells us exactly what we need to do to stand on His promises. Jesus will show you some personal promises He has for you, and He clarifies the conditions you need to meet to receive them in your experience activation with Him.

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