This song is for you bae, You make my life a wonderful world.

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Back, just for a quick moment in time. I'm so in love with my babe, I just had to add one more peace of the message about love and the main thing, the glue, the foundation, the roots of continuity. That being expressing your love for your partner with out fear of how that may sound to others. Its your lovers heart and ears your entertaining, not the world. I hope you hear this soon my love, as I sing to the world how wonderful you make me feel. "Ohhh ya pardon the singing tones lol, I'm trying to complete the message, lol
I'm DannyB, have a safe, healthy and happy rest of your weekends. P.S I'm not always this sappy, lol "Just a happy man, sharing a journey"
What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong Karaoke version

Please work with no gaps

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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