Its Friday, I've opened up the ridiculous vein, drip, drip, drip.

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I'm extremely excited to say my show blew up yesterday in the numbers, hell yeah! "Ode to the commoner who never quits! My heart goes out to the folks that take time to listen, always reaching out with an unbias ear, listening without fear and remembering my name clear. I thank you 1000%
Today is chalked full of a few beats, crazy YURRI is back shooting up the studio and cussing like there is no tomorrow. "Dude needs anger management!
Totally comedic and in no way is this truly happening in studio, or is it?? he he lmao
Thank you kindly, spread the silliness, share a laugh, wipe a tear, only gets better from here.
Im DannyB and thank you for caring for eachother in what ever capacity your able.

Please work with no gaps

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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