213: Learn What Good Looks Like

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For this episode, we actually revisit an idea from a very recent guest – Chris Hervochon.

Due to very bad weather conditions in Texas, we got behind on recording episodes. However, as luck would have it, there was a concept that Chris had shared in his recent episode with us that made for a good CareerTalk mini-episode. It was great timing for sure!

In this mini-show, we talk about the value of ‘learning what good looks like’, or setting yourself up for opportunities that will do just that. It was a very small portion of the previous show, but Chris mentioned it a couple times and I thought it was an important concept to delve deeper into in this additional broadcast.

We will return next week with another full episode of Where Accountants Go, the Accounting Careers Podcast, but in the meantime, please listen in on a few thoughts I had on this very important concept that Chris Hervochon shared: learning what good looks like.

Have a great week!

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