155 | Cultivating A Healthy Mindset to Build Healthy Habits with Luka Hocevar

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Commitment, Excellence, Respect. Resonate with these values? Luka shines a light on topics of identity, an individual's narrative, self-esteem, and confidence as characteristics of cultivating a healthy mindset to build healthy habits. To start off, Luka discusses the philosophy he currently lives his life by and shares four values that help him cultivate the unique culture that he embodies. In spite of his story, he shares the profound effects of collecting role models, and how to dig deeper into who and what those role models truly represent. Then, he dives into how building habits and changing your body influence your narrative, providing his top tips to diving deeper and truly discovering the truths within your narrative. Using a vote casting analogy, Luka describes how self-esteem, confidence, and commitment integrate to form your identity. Using his take on the commitment, Luka shares 4 stages to optimizing your mindset: learning, doing, being, and becoming. Through the importance of awareness, he shares mindset shifts during the "becoming" stage. Let's get to the depths of your narrative and identity to truly optimize your mindset and guide your healthy habits!

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What You Will Learn in this Interview with Luka Hocevar

4:31 - The Philosophy Luka has been living by

10:1 - Values that Luka carries which cultivate the culture he embodies

17:03 - Collecting Role Models

20:43 -How does changing your body change your story

24:32 - How do you dive deeper into discovering your narrative

29:32 - Casting votes for identity & self-esteem

33:39 - Luka take on the commitment

35:50 - 4 stages to a healthy habits & mindset

37:04 - Becoming aware to build your narrative

40:07 - Mindset shifts in the “becoming” stage

50:50 - Luka’s Final Takeaways

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