4 Ways Failure Helped Skyrocket My Career | Ep #35

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Austin shares 4 ways that failure has helped to skyrocket his career. Success and failure are perceived incorrectly by so many people, so change your mindset. Learn from your failures and that will lead to your success!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

[0:25] - 4 ways that failure helped to skyrocket Austin’s career

[0:35] - The problem with the perception of success and failure

[2:54] - Austin’s journey through failure to success

[3:05] - Trying to start a music blog

[4:42] - Trying to start an apparel company

[6:40] - Trying to be a freelancer

[7:35] - Trying to create an app

[9:28] - The beginning of Cultivated Culture

[13:25] - Just go try something

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