Ep 6: Shamena Maharaj - Joy, Happiness & Mindfulness

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In today's episode of The Brain Coach, Mary speaks with mindfulness expert Shamena Maharaj. Shamena is an award-winning human resources professional, education scholar, philanthropist, author, and mother of two daughters.

Shamena and Mary discuss mindfulness, how it helps us in the day-to-day and supports recovery from stress. Shamena shares simple ways to incorporate meditation into life to support mindfulness.

Shamena authored a captivating storybook Becoming my Best Self; My Shero Attributes that guides children through a set of key attributes needed in life. She also authored Joy, Happiness and Mindfulness which includes 35 daily reflections for a calmer life.

Learn more about Shamena's work on her personal website or find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Shamena's Books:


Written during a time of reflection, this book takes readers through Shamena's reflective journey of 35 days of practice and reflection. Readers are invited read the reflections then write their own reflection of the day. Available here.

Becoming My Best Self: My Shero Attributes

A book to inspire children and let them know that failure is part of life, gratitude is important for our wellbeing, and compassion is important to cultivate. Available here.

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