Ep 10: The 13 Most Common Questions Parents Ask

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In today's episode, Brain Coach Mary Turos answers the 13 most common questions she gets from parents of teens and young children. Mary's offers insights into children's behaviors and simple techniques to help parents. The 13 questions follow:

1) Should I reward my kids for good grades or for turning assignments in on time?

2) Will having a disability or disclosing my child's disability impact his/her acceptance into school or college?

3) Why won't my teen go to sleep at a reasonable hour?

4) Why should kids do chores? Isn't school enough responsibility?

5) Should I have my child evaluated? If so, when?

6) My child isn't turning in assignments, but they are capable of doing the work. Why is this happening?

7) My kid has a disability, but I don't want them labeled and I don't want them using it as a crutch. What do you think?

8) What are some ways to interact with my child without it coming off as criticism?

9) Where should my child study?

10) What are some things I can incorporate into my child's home routine?

11) My child does well on quizzes, but bombs tests. What's happening?

12) How long will it take to FIX my kid? (yikes!)

13) What is the worst disability to have?

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