Episode 84: The Evolution of Safety and the Purpose of the Fire Service with Dr. Burton Clark

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In this podcast, we discuss:

• Why the fire service must have the courage to lead the paradigm shift to an “Automatic Fire Protection Model” for the 21st century.

• Exploring the Prometheus Paradox - If we can make fire we can learn to control fire.

• The perception of fire across America along with the risks & benefits of fire to our society

• How we must reinforce safety into the everyday actions of all firefighters

• Why the fire service is the best career in the world

Dr. Burton Clark

Bio: https://www.firehouse.com/home/contact/10458733/burton-clark-fire-service-instructor

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-burton-a-clark-efo-15aa3a30/

Dr. Burton Clark Examines Fire Service Safety Culture: https://www.firerescue1.com/firefighter-safety/articles/dr-burton-clark-examines-fire-service-safety-culture-4ODduAEi6fTz7DtH/

Prometheus Paradox: https://iffmag.mdmpublishing.com/prometheus-paradox/

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