EP 73: Ghana- Thunder and Anansi + Why the Lizard Continually Moves His Head Up and Down

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Here are two tales from the West African country of Ghana, traditional to the Akan people.
The first story tells about the trickster Anansi, who meets Thunder and is greeted with a magic pot. Instead of feeding his family, greed makes him hide his magic pot. When his family finds the pot, trouble ensues for Anansi.

The second story tells of how Anansi tricks the three princesses into revealing their names, only to have Lizard win the princesses for his wives. One thing you never want to do, is to cross Anansi, and Lizard pays dearly for his transgressions.
Book: Internet Archives 1917 Barker and Sinclair

Music: African Folk Music and Drumming from the Ewe tribe by Traditional singers Creative Commons

AMB Night Crickets LB by DaveRose on www.freesound.org.

Narrator: Dustin Steichmann

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