EP 74: South Africa- Lion and Jackal + Tink Tinkje

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In the first story the Tigers, not Lion, decide to send their seven children to study with Jackal. Under the guise of teaching the Tiger children, Jackal convinces the parents to stay away while the children get used to studying away from them. One by one the children disappear until finally Jackal is gone.

In the second story, the birds want to decide who is the king of all the birds. They all argue about who is the best and finally they decide on the bird who can fly the highest. Vulture can fly very high, but a stowaway steals the show. Who will be king?


Music: The Boynton Middle School 6th Grade Chorus sings "Singabahambayo," a South African Freedom song in Zulu and English, arranged by Cheryl Lavender, under the direction of Robert Winans at the Winter Choral Concert, January 25, 2018, in Kulp Auditorium, Ithaca High School, Ithaca, New York.

Sound Effects: Spring Frogs in Ansan recorded 5/2/2021 by Dustin Steichmann

Cover art by dfaulder American Yellow Warbler
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