EP 65: Japan- The Wooden Bowl

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The story of a young woman who is left an orphan after her parents pass away. The last thing her mother does for her, is to place a bowl on her head, to hide her beauty from the world. The woman is diligent and works hard, focusing all her energy on being a good person. She is hired into a house to take care of a sick wife, and there, meets the son of the house who falls in love with her. Will she ever lose her odd headpiece?
Source: The Wooden Bowl retold by T H James

Music: June 24, 2018: Riley Lee, Shakuhachi flute grandmaster performs a piece called "Dimante Lapis," a piece composed around 1150, during the Sunday service in the Dome at Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, Colorado. Creative Commons License

Podcast Shoutout: Old Bones by Andy Earnshaw

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