EP 64: Ghana- Three Anansi Tales

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Here are three tales from the West African country of Ghana, traditional to the Akan people.
The first story tells about the trickster Anansi, who get the great god Nyankupon to rename the stories in Anansi's honor.
The second story tells of how Anansi wants to keep all of the knowledge in a jar, but finds out that there is still more knowledge out there.
The third story is of Anansi and his neighbor Nothing. Anansi is poor, but when he borrows Nothing's fine clothes, he is able to trick many women into thinking he is rich. Anansi grows jealous of his neighbor, and kills the man. That is why the children weep for Nothing.
Book: Internet Archives 1917 Barker and Sinclair

Music: African Roots Music by Rafa Navarro Creative Commons

Narrator: Dustin Steichmann

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Cover Art: "Spider" by James E. Petts is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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