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Dr Kotlow started recognizing and treating tongue tie decades before most other providers. In fact he has been treating tongue tie since 1974! Dr Kotlow is dedicated to helping patients have full oral function and not letting tongue tie limit their bodies. Dt Kotlow and Katie discuss the changes in lasers, treatments, new tools and what families need.
Podcast guest: Lawrence Kotlow DDS: Pediatric Dentistry , Solo Practice Albany NY 1974-Present. Attended Albany College of Pharmacy 1965-1968. Graduate of SUNY Buffalo School of Dentistry 1968- 1972. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Dental Residency 1972-1974. Past president of the 3rd District Dental Society 1995. President’s Award 3rd District Dental Society 1996. 3rd District Dental Society Three Clinician Awards. A. Feldman-Hunn medal of merit award 1989, B. William B Smith Award 2000, C. Down’s-Ripp Award 2008. Board Certified Pediatric Dentistry 1980. Life member of the American Dental Association, (ADA). Life Fellow of the American Board of Pediatric dentistry (FABPD). Life member of the NYSDA and 3rd District Dental Society of NY. Member of American Academy of Physiologic Medicine and Dentistry (AAPMD). Member of Academy of Laser Dentistry since 2000. Mastership Academy of Laser Dentistry (MALD). ALD : Leon Goldman Award for clinical excellence 2014. ALD : John Sulewski Distinguished Service award 2022. ALD :Speaker and Trainer. Using multiple Laser wavelengths since 1998 for dental procedures. ALD advanced Laser proficiency in Erbium:YAG, Nd:YAG , CO2 @9300nm , Standard Proficiency in Diode 810nm,980 nm and 1064 nm lasers. ICAP 2018 Professional Educator Award. IATP founding member. Author of over 30 peer reviewed articles, 2 texts : Atlas of TOTS and SOS 4 TOTS, about lasers, infant frenectomies, and breastfeeding. Contributed to various chapters in texts on laser & pediatric dentistry: Dental Clinics of NA, Principles and Practice of Laser dentistry (Editions 1,2,3), US dentistry 2006, Lasers in Endodontics. NY TopDOCS: Top Dentist 2021,2022. Today’s Dentistry Recognition 2001,2022 Leader in Education
Podcast host: Katie Oshita, RN, BSN, IBCLC has over 22 years of experience working in Maternal-Infant Medicine. Katie is a telehealth lactation consultant believing that clients anywhere in the world deserve the best care possible for their needs. Being an expert on TOTs, Katie helps families everywhere navigate breastfeeding struggles, especially tongue tie and gut/allergy related issues. Email katie@cuddlesandmilk.com or www.cuddlesandmilk.com

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