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Welcome to the Instant Trivia podcast episode 594, where we ask the best trivia on the Internet.

Round 1. Category: Oscar-Losing Songs

  • 1: Celestial songs losing '36 Oscars included "A Melody from the Sky", "When Did You Leave Heaven" and this: [Piano instrumental plays].
  • "Pennies from Heaven".
  • 2: After she sang "True Love" in "High Society", the song lost an Oscar but then she won a crown.
  • Grace Kelly.
  • 3: Though it lost the 1963 Oscar, this "Theme from Mondo Cane" became BMI's all-time 2nd most played song.
  • "More".
  • 4: 1934 nominees "Love in Bloom" and "The Carioca" are the only 2 songs which share this distinction.
  • first 2 nominees and did not win.
  • 5: 1954 holiday film which produced the Oscar-losing "Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep".
  • White Christmas.

Round 2. Category: Nyc Movies

  • 1: 1984 Francis Coppola film set in Harlem's hottest hangout.
  • The Cotton Club.
  • 2: 1 of the 2 parks in "Barefoot in the Park".
  • Central Park (or Washington Square Park).
  • 3: In the Paul Newman film, this title "Fort" is in the Bronx.
  • Fort Apache.
  • 4: In 1975, Jack Lemmon was "The Prisoner of" this thoroughfare.
  • Second Avenue.
  • 5: 1975 film based on a true story in which Al Pacino robs a Brooklyn bank to finance a sex change.
  • Dog Day Afternoon.

Round 3. Category: Carnivores

  • 1: The name of this reptile is from the Spanish el lagarto, "the lizard".
  • an alligator.
  • 2: Weighing up to 1700 pounds, the Alaskan brown species of this animal is the world's largest land carnivore.
  • a bear.
  • 3: The thresher type of this aquatic carnivore uses its long tail to herd and stun fish before it eats them.
  • a shark.
  • 4: Although confined mostly to Africa, this fastest land animal can also be found in Iran and Afghanistan.
  • the cheetah.
  • 5: As this tusked pinniped grows older, the male becomes nearly hairless.
  • a walrus.

Round 4. Category: Generals

  • 1: Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. was the only general to land with the first wave of troops on this day.
  • D-Day.
  • 2: William Westmoreland served in these three wars; the last two as a general.
  • World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.
  • 3: During the last seven years of his life, John J. Pershing lived in a special suite in this D.C. hospital.
  • Walter Reed Hospital.
  • 4: US general who in 1945 told his wife "Peace is going to be hell on me!".
  • George Patton.
  • 5: This Civil War general wrote "Ben-Hur".
  • Lew Wallace.

Round 5. Category: Jail

  • 1: Title of the following prison song, the 2nd-biggest hit of its singer's career:.
  • "Chain Gang" (by Sam Cooke).
  • 2: Calling it "Most Secure Prison", Guinness says tho 23 attempted to escape from Alcatraz, this many succeeded.
  • none.
  • 3: This country's Kharkov Prison is said to be world's largest, accommodating 40,000 prisoners.
  • Soviet Union.
  • 4: Unlucky Col. Klink was in charge of this prison camp housing "Hogan's Heroes".
  • Stalag 13.
  • 5: In "Monopoly", if you pay to get out of jail, it costs this much.
  • $50.

Thanks for listening! Come back tomorrow for more exciting trivia!

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