Episode 13: Digital Disappearance

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For a fortnightly PlayStation podcast we do have the odd episode where news is hard to come by, but that is certainly not the case this time:

-An article from "TheGamer" has leaked an announcement that the PS3, PSP & PSVita stores are not long for this world, this spells grave concerns for the future of digital content, but just how worried are Davey, Phil & Spencer?

-Sony buys EVO! Was Davey right!? Is the FGC really that important to Sony's strategy and what does this mean for Nintendo and Microsoft!?

-We recently had the first news of the PSVR2 but already we've been treated to a look at the new handset. What are our thoughts? How can Sony innovate this generation and what price could we be looking at for this new system?

These are just the 3 main topics but we cover loads this episode, so grab a beer and relax to the soothing voices of Davey and Spence... Phil's there too.

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What are we drinking 0:39 - 4:12

What we've been playing 4:13 - 42:33

Quick news 42:34 - 44:14

PS3, PSP & Vita store closures!? 44:15 - 01:00:20

Sony buys Evo 01:00:22 - 01:18:58

PSVR 2 handset shown 01:19:00 - 01:53:55

Outro 01:53:56 - 01:54:19




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