Episode 12: The Bethesda Fallout ft Potatochief

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Bethesda have joined the Microsoft 1st party... So what does that mean for the future relationship with PlayStation?

We enlisted Xbox die hard Potatochief to add some much needed balance to the episode and hear his take on what this means for beloved IP DOOM, Wolfenstein,Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

Davey, Phil and Spencer give their personal top 5 PS4 games of the generation, all in the search of creating the definitive In PS We Trust top 5 games.

Its a stacked episode with plenty of news, insight and probably too much alcohol... Just like usual.


Intro: 0:00-0:48

What're we drinking 0:48- 7:00

What're we playing 7:01- 47:19

Aliens Fire Team announced 47:20- 50:45

Booking time off for video games 50:46 - 53:00

TMNT Shredders Revenge announced 53:00 - 1:02:00

The future of Bethesda on Playstation ft Potatochief 1:02:02 - 01:33:45

Top 5 games on PS4 01:33:16 - 02:15:37

Outro 02:15:38 - 02:16:00

Link to Potatochiefs Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/PotatoChief117

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