Euro Road vs US Gravel with Coach Ricky Arnopol

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Fresh off pro racing in Europe on the road this summer, Coach Ricky Arnopol joined five of his Project Echelon teammates at SBT GRVL, the big gravel race in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. On this episode, Ricky and show cohost Ben Delaney talk about the similarities and differences between the two styles of racing in terms of tactics, power numbers, stress, and fun.

There are four distances at SBT GRVL, and Ben won the 100-mile Blue course in the men's division, with Tiffany Cromwell of Canyon-SRAM taking the women's Blue title. Keegan Swenson and Lauren De Crescenzo won the 140-mile Black race that Ricky participated in. You can see Ben's power file and analysis up on now.

The whole FasCat team who attended SBT GRVL had a great time, so much so that we have even bigger plans for 2023, when we hope that you can join us in Steamboat for long weekend. Further, we are cooking up an SBT gravel training camp for next year, likely in June. Check out and use code 25PODCAST for 25% off. Follow us on Instagram for training tips: @fascatcoaching

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