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In this Quick Take episode of the Dream Job Ready podcast, Dane Sharp asks Alliv Samson (co-founder of Kami) 3 questions.

Those 3 questions are:

  1. What job advice has had the most impact on your career?
  2. What's a must-do in any job application or interview?
  3. What's one thing you wish you knew, understood and/or appreciated earlier in your career?

Alliv also gets the chance to ask Dane 1 random question about something career/job related.

This short interview was done off the back of Dane and Alliv's longer chat in Episode 48, where the two talk entrepreneurship, business leadership, culture and customers. Kami is an EdTech company that offers a digital document tool in schools, that is being used by over 25 million teachers and students across the world.

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