The Politics of Marriage and Bughead

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Happy Hot Girl Summer! This month, we're bringing you politics and pop-culture updates inspired by our summer activities i.e. Majka went to a wedding so is keen to educate y'all on the politics of marriage, while Yaz watched a whole heap of TV and needs to dissect the off-screen relationship between Riverdale co-stars immediately.


The Farewell

Hamilton The Musical

Swiped on Netflix


Love Island

Stranger Things on Netflix

‘Lena Dunham on Love Island: “I’m asking the same question they do - can you love after hurt?”’, The Guardian:

‘Can A Beatles Fan Believe In ‘Yesterday?’’, Rolling Stone:


The Big Day by Chance The Rapper

Roddy by Djo

Archer by Taylor Swift

Vancouver Folk Music Festival


Public Vows by Nancy F Cott

Bound In Wedlock by Tera W Hunter

'Why Do We Need The State's Permission To Get Married Anyway/', Wall Street Journal:

'How Long Has The Institution Of Marriage Existed For?', The Spruce:

'Marriage And The Politics Of America', HuffPost:

'New Danish Divorce Rule Criticized For Dragging Out Separations', The Local:

'Denmark's New Divorce Laws Make It Harder For Couples To Split', Global News:

Pop Culture

'Rebel Wilson Defamation Payout Is A Game-Changer For Gossip Magazines', The Guardian:

'As the Love Islanders pack their bags for the season finale, a top psychologist reveals how dangerous sudden fame can be...', Glamour UK:

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