Cell and Gene Therapy Investment Trends

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Cell and gene therapies are currently among the hottest investments in the biotech space, both in the public and private markets. In this episode, Back Bay’s Managing Director and host Pete Bak, PhD is joined by Kyle O’Neil and Brendan Wang, who are returning to the podcast after attending the 2021 Cell and Gene Meeting on the Mesa. Tune in to hear their discussion on emerging investment themes and which ones were key topics of discussion at this year’s conference.

Topics include:

  • The next generation of gene-editing technology
    • CRISPR 2.0
    • Off-target effects
    • Novel nucleases
    • PAM sequences
  • Autologous and Allogeneic CAR-T cell therapy
    • Ex vivo vs. in vivo approaches
  • The business model on gene therapies
    • Figuring out manufacturing capabilities first
    • How to tap into larger markets
    • Building businesses around small monogenic diseases

Learn more, read Bay Life Science Advisors' latest white paper on gene therapy innovation here.

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