051 - The Wise Man Seeks God

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I wanted to share with you an audio this week entitled “the Wise Man Seeks God.”
In 2010 on apologetics 315 I hosted an essay series which involved a number of Christian Apologetics bloggers called “Is Christianity True?”. I recently revised a particular essay, in response to a friend I was having a conversation with about where he is with God. It brought to my mind the idea that if you are not certain that God exists, then you should be seeking him with all your energy.
Pascal wrote in the Pensées a lot of his ideas about seeking God, and much of his outline for his apologetic approach was to appeal to men to seek after God and to get out of their complacency. That resonated with me and so maybe you’ll pick that up my own appeal here.
This essay is my argument and attempt to make a sort of Pascalian appeal to the reader. Not a logical argument that God exists, but that if you don’t know God, then it’s wise to spend all your energy seeking him.
So, I hope you’ll enjoy another flash-back from 10 years ago. But, just like the J. P. Moreland interview from last week, I think that this particular material feels timeless.
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