S2 | Ep. 005 | Falling Into Belief

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During the month of September, CSSP embarked on filming the pilot for our first narrative series titled “Canoe Journey”. This coming of age story centered around youth mental health and finding your identity places an emphasis on immersing yourself in culture as a preventative tool. It was a 10-day shoot and the YAI team was there on set during all of production playing various roles within. We were production assistants, talent handlers and set designers; it was truly the best experience. During this time we sat down to speak with a few of the actors. This is the first of those interviews. Sam Bob speaks on his time spent at a residential school and how it has affected his life now and the impact that experience has had upon his children. He discusses how he has learned to heal from that trauma. Sam talks about how love based behavior is key to prevent passing on trauma and also to mend relationships. Intergenerational trauma is prevalent in our people today due to colonization and Sam’s wisdom can be learned and shared to start or continue on a healing path. Breaking into the acting world and all the steps leading up to it is another talking point in this episode, with his advice of: “falling into belief,” or really believing in the story you are portraying. We are grateful to Sam’s dedication to healing and his craft of acting which have landed him gigs in Northern Exposure, The X Files and in scenes with Anthony Hopkins. Hope you enjoy the interview as much as we do.

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