Building and Overcoming the Hard Things

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with @brian_armstrong @bhorowitz
An all-new, guest-hosted episode based on a chat that took place just this week between:

  • CEO and co-founder of Coinbase Brian Armstrong;
  • interviewed by a16z co-founder Ben Horowitz, who authored the bestselling business books The Hard Things About the Hard Things and What You Do is Who You Are on how to create your business culture.

Their conversation — which took place just this week (November 29, 2022) at our inaugural a16z crypto Founder Summit — goes into management, company culture, and much more on building and overcoming the hard things while innovating… as well as commentary on recent events and news (FTX etc.) in the crypto industry and beyond.
You can also watch this on our YouTube channel at:

As a reminder, none of the discussion should be taken as business, legal, tax, or investment advice; please see for more important information, including a link to a list of our investments.

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