Episode 68: "Dead Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose...This Job" with Connor Ratliff

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This week's episode is with the very funny Connor Ratliff (Dead Eyes Podcast, The George Lucas Talk Show)! Connor actually started his podcast because of a specific story about an audition he once had for the movie Band Of Brothers in which Tom Hanks said he had...dead eyes. It's an incredible story and we are so lucky to have him tell it on this podcast! Don't worry, Connor's had some pretty incredible acting jobs since then, but those memories stick. Of course we talk about his jobs that weren't in entertainment like his longest job (and happiest) at the flagship Barnes and Noble store in New York City. Connor's stories about working at the bookstore are special and he really makes you feel like you're right there with him. Anna and Ellen also talk about the awkwardness of running into people you used to work with and whether it's fun to say hi or just completely ignore them. Do you say hi or hide?! Don't forget to follow Connor at @Connorratliff on social media, and check out his podcast Dead Eyes! Also, if you want to watch this episode? Check out Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast or find us on social media and HIRE US! (rate & review)

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