Episode 63: From Work In Japan to Work In The Pan(dem) with Milly Tamarez

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This week we have a good friend of Anna's on the podcast, the very funny comedian, Milly Tamarez (Late Night With Judge Milly, All D*ck Is Trash)!! Milly has had some awesome success writing for TV shows in the pandemic! But we of course take it back and talk all about her unemployed days, where she was able to take the time to reevaluate and book some gigs that aren't full time jobs. Milly also was the first guest EVER on livestream show, The Unemployed Show (what this podcast is based on) three years ago. Milly discusses working for her family's hair salon business, working at the bookstore in college, and then working for companies that sent her to Japan multiple times. We can't wait for Milly to take us to Japan one day, since she's an expert. Anna and Ellen discuss how rude it is to ghost someone after interviews. It's preferable to never leave someone hanging! Go follow Milly at @MillyTamarez or @Millyon4ire and watch this ep on the PATREON! Patreon.com/UnemployedPodcast - Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, & HIRE US!

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