How and why you need to ride toeside

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Riding toeside is so much fun. You will feel like you are surfing plus it's just so useful for spicing up so many other moves as well as making riding a surfboard so much easier.

Landing a regular jump to toeside or a backroll or frontroll to toeside completely changes the move and will help you to make those super smooth silky transitions you see more experienced/advanced riders doing.

Being able to land a trick to toeside can also help you to save yourself when you over or under rotate or even if you make a mistake with your kite position.

Not only does riding toeside feel a bit like surfing but its great for riding downwind too. This is extremely useful and arguably an essential skill for when you are on a downwinder (riding from point A to point B and getting a ride back to where you started instead of kiting back to where you started)

The best part of learning to ride toeside in my opinion is that when you are confident to ride toeside as well as perform carving transition from and into toeside then you will be able to ride waves..

Toeside really does feel amazing and you want to learn it immediately, as soon as you can ride upwind plus it will even help you to nail your first transitions like a total bad ass too.

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